Frequently Asked Questions

Do you transport yourself or do you know companies that do relocations?

Ucsisimmigrationforms is not a moving company, but a consultant and broker. We can forward a request for a relocation to specially selected movers. These companies can then contact you about the move.

Is this site only for company relocations or also for private relocations?

The site is for anyone who wants to move. If your move is already in preparation, you can use the quotation request service and find useful tips on the site.

How far in advance should I start requesting quotes?

It is recommended to do this at least 4 months prior to a move, as you can then make a well-considered choice and then have ample time to determine which items to bring. Also keep in mind that a timely agreement with a mover can lead to a more attractive rate because the mover can plan it as favorable as possible and / or combine it with other removals to your destination.