Costs of moving internationally in 2020 – Rates & information

Costs of moving internationally in 2020 – Rates & information

Are you moving internationally soon? Then you are probably curious about what moving your household effects will cost you. The costs of an international move depend on various factors and are therefore difficult to calculate, but we have listed the necessary information for you to give you an idea of ​​the costs!

The price structure of the costs of moving internationally

The costs of moving internationally are determined on the basis of several factors. This ensures that no two international removals will have the same price. The price is based on the following factors:

  1. The distance between your current and new home;
  2. The volume of the household effects to be moved;
    • TIP: to calculate the volume in cubic meters yourself, you can easily use Our Volume Calculator .
  3. The move date . Weekends and holidays are popular. You therefore pay more for the move due to the high demand;
  4. The accessibility of the house (s) . The closer to the home the moving van can park, the less time the move will take. This can make a difference in costs. Does a parking permit have to be arranged? Then this quickly costs several hundred euros, how to take this into account;
  5. The use of a moving lift . Can not all furniture be brought down via the stairwell? Or do you live in an apartment and there is no elevator here? Then the moving company can use a moving lift to get the furniture down quickly;
  6. The type of transport . Do you choose to have the contents transported plane? Then there is a bigger price tag than moving land or freighter;
  7. The time between booking the move and the execution . The further you book the move in advance, the less you pay. A last-minute move can be an expensive joke;
  8. Insurance . We will always recommend that you insure your belongings properly when you move abroad . Insuring your household effects during transport costs approximately 2% of the value of your household goods for most movers. Are your household effects worth $30,000? Then the insurance will cost you around $600. Does the container ship on which your contents were located sink? Then you are insured for the full amount. Therefore recommended;
  9. Additional options and services . Do you choose to let the moving company pack the boxes, have the furniture (dis) assembled and, for example, have lamps removed from the ceiling? Then you will see this reflected in the costs. 

Our tips to avoid paying too much

  1. Do not move too much and opt for groupage . This means that part of the container is filled with your household effects. The space in the container that is left is filled with the contents of others. The costs of international relocations are largely determined volume, so groupage is considerably cheaper than relocating a full container. We love that !;
  2. Start planning on time and book your move far in advance . The further ahead you can book the move, the cheaper you will be. A last-minute move is often more expensive. Booking earlier also saves you a lot of stress, so win-win;
  3. Help with the move yourself or arrange help for the move day. By doing more yourself, you not only save on the hours of the movers, but also on the extra services that you would otherwise have to purchase. You probably still have family members who can be persuaded to help you ?

Finding international moving companies

Now that you have an idea of ​​the costs, the next step is of course to find a suitable moving company . You can compare moving companies via this website, but are you especially curious about which international moving companies are known as the best in the USA? Take a look at our Top 12 international moving companies in the USA. This list has been compiled on the basis of independent research and consumer reviews.…

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